The FutureAbility team at the Digital Storytelling Conference in UK

The FutureAbility project team met in Loughborough, UK, in June, to discuss and plan the next steps for the development of the online training course on the application of visual methods to improve online teaching.

The dates of the meeting were combined with the international Digital Storytelling Conference hosted by Loughborough University to expand opportunity for networking and dissemination.

The conference was part of a multi-institutional, multinational, three-year process and programme, started last year with a successful 24hour online marathon – organised by Loughborough University (UK), StoryCenter (US) UMBC – University of Maryland Baltimore County (US), Smithsonian Office of Educational Technology (US), Montgomery College (US), Patient Voices (UK) – that includes a face-to-face event in Loughborough in June 2022 and a series of follow-on activities in the Washington, D.C. area and in Maryland, USA, in 2023.

The FutureAbility team participated to various events (both in person and online). Within the umbrella theme of Story Work for a Just Future ,explored across a three-year programme of events, and in response to the current pandemic, for DST 2022 Rise Up! the majority of the presentations had a focus on how Story Work could help us and our communities Reconnect, Rebuild, Recreate.

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