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FutureAbility at Maker Faire Rome 2022

Multiplier event: Erasmus+ FutureAbility
Date: October 7th
Time: 11.00 – 12.30 h
Location: Gazometro Ostiense, Roma IT

Maker Faire Rome is an event promoted and organised by the Chamber of Commerce of Rome through its special company Innova Camera, under license and with the collaboration of Make Community LLC and is part of the regional internationalisation activities in support of the Lazio production system, in line with the annual Programme of Internationalisation Activities 2022.
Now in its 10th edition, the event has the goal to promote physical and virtual research projects, and to storytell the frontiers of research to the general public, by bringing together the protagonists of European innovation. The Faire consists in an in presence event where researchers, universities and companies can showcase their innovations, to which it is added a website, several online events and the “Canale Main”, an actual television stage where important international speakers will alternate.

For SAPeri&co – Sapienza University this has been the opportunity to present FutureAbility project, its goals and the expected results, as well as collecting feedback on the format developed for the training courses through participants remarks, comments and interventions.

The inclusion of the multiplier event within the wider event of MFR2022 has provided the possibility to reach a large and varied audience, as evidenced by the numbers of the past editions, which recorded 90.000 average annual attendance in the period 2013 – 2019, over 100.000 attendees for the digital edition of 2020 and 21.000 attendees for the physical event of 2021 (which represented the maximum capacity possible in compliance with Covid-19 legislation).

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