Great progress during our meeting in Budapest

The meeting in Budapest was a beautiful showing of collaboration. Representatives from Greece, Italy, Sweden, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and of course, Hungary, gathered in-person to discuss progress and further the work. The in-person team was not alone; the hybrid meeting meant that all partner countries could be fully represented and contribute to optimising our goals around online teaching of visual methods.

Much of our time together was spent informing each other about progress made around intellectual outputs. After sharing national updates via roundtable discussions, the collective was invited to offer tools, thoughts, and feedback to each team to strengthen the impact of each country’s outputs.

Before concluding our time together, we discussed plans for dissemination of the created materials, best practices around piloting and sustaining our outputs, and future multiplier events to bring others into the conversations around this work. We left with clear directions on the next steps and excitement around presenting much of our work during next summer’s Visual Methods Conference.

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