The FutureAbility e-learning platform showcased at the Visual Methods Conference

The FutureAbility international team had the opportunity to facilitate 3 workshops at the International Visual Methods Conference to showcase the 6 e-learning courses developed during the project.

The Open Educational Resources are in fact available online and ready to be piloted in six countries.

You can freely enrol to the following courses.

Course 1: Enhancing online engagement

The overall aim of the Futur(e)ability courses is to train HEI Educators in order to allow them to acquire competencies and skills to make online learning more participatory, flexible and interesting. Specifically, the purpose of the Enhancing (online) engagement course is to help educators to enhance students’ online participation and engagement within their classes.

During the course, participants will explore tools and software for online participatory activities, as well as strategies for fostering students’ engagement, and acquiring tools, methodologies and pedagogy to adopt for online teaching.

Course 2: Teaching with care

Course 3: Visual Arts Assessment

Course 4: Digital Storytelling for Teaching Practical Subjects

This introductory course is aimed at those wishing to use Digital Storytelling (DS) for teaching practical subjects. It describes the history and background of the Digital Story, the development and growth of DS as a form of participatory media practice and explores some current uses of DS across academia, community work and in Higher Education. Interviews with leading experts provide guidance and sample stories are tools that can be used to inform subsequent practice. Learners will understand the range of influences that have shaped the practice and see how it has been used in an educational setting so they can consider how DS can be used in their own work.

Course 5: Teaching Visual Methods Online

Course 6: Open Source Hardware

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